I’m new and I never done this before. I never thought to u

I’m new and I never done this before. I never thought to use a support group but I want to see how it works.
My boyfriend and his mom (I’m extremely close to his whole family) are both drug addicts that live under the same roof. My boyfriend knows he’s a recovering addict but his mom abuses prescription pills and thinks she is not one. I don’t feel like any one would understand how I feel. My family don’t like that I’m in the situation and I’m not a very verbal person when it comes to telling people how I feel BUT I don’t know what to do. I love them both so much but as long as he’s under his mothers roof I don’t know what to do. His mom puts him around drugs. Gets him to do the “street drug “ thing for her. Has anyone been in this situation or is actively in a situation like this ?! Any ideas or thoughts ?!

I'm in the same boat Shanee, literally just joined like 20mins ago.

My mom’s on drugs and surrounds herself with people who encouraged the addiction which doesn’t help at all.

How do you deal with it ?! What do you do ?! Do you try to help ?! Or does ITV make it worse ?! Does she lie constantly but you want to believe her ?! I’m sorry I’m getting all into your business lol I just feel sooo lost.

Well I'm only 17 but then again I've have dealt since it for as long as i can remember( which is like 4). My dad helped me deal with it till he died two years ago from cancer..he was my shield when things got to bad and he would protect me. It's crazy because when she isn't high, she's a very decent mom. She has her flaws but i love her. When i bring it up to her about how i feel about her addiction, she makes false promises and i know she's lying but i hope anyway...but it leads to disappointment. When she high, my whole mood drops into a depression and i just cry because it hurts so much and i just want it to stop but i know it won't. Again I'm only 17 so i can only do so much. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and run out the house and wonder around at night for like 20mins until i get scared and go back home.

@shanne My New Year’s Resolutions is PMA. postive mental attitude but when my mom is high, PMA flies out the window and it scares how badly it affects me emotionally. I try to remove myself from the situation until she’s sober. Idk. Any intervention from my family, she simpy ignores like it doesn’t matter, like it’s ok, but it’s not and she knows it but she just keeps going! And it makes me soooo fudging angry.