I met my friends today at the pool. Every single one of them

I met my friends today at the pool. Every single one of them complained that they ate too much sugar and wish they knew how. One of my friends told me that she is way out of control on her sugar in take this month. I listened and jogged while I talked so I can burn off some of this awful sugar that I have been eating. I have been trying to get myself back off sugar but it has been very hard. The thought of eating all the foods that I ate while I was completely off sugar is not sounding good to me, but I know I can not keep doing what I am doing now, eating cereals and crackers and all kinds of other stuff. I have not eaten the ice cream my husband bought. I have asked him to please buy the creamy stuff because I don't like it but he bought Blue Bell which is my most favorite brand of ice cream but still I have not touched it, so guess I still have a molecule of will power. Each day I set out to do right and then my taste buds take over. Let's try it tomorrow I say to myself and then I blow it by 10 A.M. I really need to get back on track so I do not understand why parts of me are holding me back.. It's time....

I made this amazing breakfast bake this morning from Tasty with Oatmeal and Quinoa, it used fruit and maple syrup, it was quite lovely, https://tasty.co/recipe/protein-packed-breakfast-bars

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@CKBlossom The oatmeal and quinoa sound good but I am certain that the maple syrup will kick my sugar addiction into over drive. I have been experiementing with quinoa and like it. Hope you are doing well.

I have found that if I have something sweet in the morning (other than while fruit), it sets me up for failure for the rest of the day. Perhaps try something more savory first thing in the morning? I even cut out coffee at one point because it just made me want chocolate or baked goods.

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@rachel4508 I agree about eating something sweet first thing in the morning setting you up to fail the rest of the day. Hot water has been satisfying to me lately but I am having a hard time busting the sugar again. It is a battle.