I miss this days when this site was busy. Most of you have p

I miss this days when this site was busy. Most of you have probably not been around long enough to remember that, but once upon a time this website was fully of people looking for support. I have met many a friend on here and its nice because of them struggle with the same issues that I do. I wish that the new owners of SG would do an overhaul on this site and make it just better, so that posts were easier to find, the messages were less glitchy, and make the format just better. This is newest host is like the third one that they have had since I started here and nobody ever seems to make any improvements to it. It frustrates me because there are so very few sites like this out there. Yes there are dozens of support groups out there but most of them are run by people who are considered counseling professionals and I don't think a lot of people really want that. Most of the time you don't need a professional to help you. You need someone who understands you because they have been through something similar--you really just need a friend. Anyone else feeling like this?

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I remember back when I found the site back in 2016, it definitely felt more lively. Sure, there were still the posts of people looking for help, advice, inspiration, and what have you, but a lot of us just ended up goofing around with more lighthearted threads, and honestly it was kind of fun as far as a text based forum can go. It even sucked in many of the people who were looking for help, because it gave them a reprieve, however temporary, from whatever was weighing on their minds.

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It was nice to have a community of people who were actually looking to connect with you. I have been here since 2015 in and off and I was just looking through my old messages of so many old accounts. It was a little sad.

@MagiaMoonlight I know what you mean. I was looking through old threads at the end of last year, and it felt sort of melancholy in a way.

I usually log on here for a few consecutive weeks to check what posts are floating around on the site, and to see if there is anything that I can relate to, and then I go through a phase in which I won't log on for a few months. I'm trying to make it a habit to log on more frequently. The site developers have made some alterations to it. I have quite a few people who I am supporting, but it used to be that whenever I clicked on their profile pics, I could see all of the discussion threads they started, even the old threads, and post on one of them if it was relatable. Now, if I click on a picture, I don't see anything.

The veterans forum never has anything new, and with me, I can usually relate to relationship issues, marital problems, low self esteem issues or self worth, depression, cheating, career changes, work related problems, interpersonal communication, and because I am a dad, sometimes, I feel I can offer guidance to struggling teenagers, things of that nature. Yep, I agree with you that it is not very lively.

Even if I do say something, I usually only get a maximum of 2 responses from the other person, before the conversation drops dead, or before they move on. I am not sure if that is an unspoken standard in online ettiquette or if they are just very busy, but it does make it challenging to make friends with people with the lapse in communication.

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@FreeWill2Go It is weird that engagement has dropped off so steeply or fizzles out when there actually is any. I do find myself wondering if the whole shift in the cultural zeitgeist from the last 4 years plays any sort of role though.

I think I am going to make an active effort to post here more though. I seem to always have alot to say lol.

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I am new, but I wish I had found this site sooner. The glitches really prevent a lot of conversations. Someone was trying to support me and I was trying to support someone else, but the site does not work correctly. I have a lot of life experiences some good and some bad. I feel like I could relate to many people and even help some. It is extremely frustrating as you are right, this is one of the few out there that have a peer based forum. I have only been here a week and have to fight the urge to just quit, as nothing seems to work. I was going to stick with it a bit longer, but now reading your post it does not seem like it will improve. Sad face.

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@Idnew please try and stick with it awhile you never know who you might meet or who you might help. I met two people here in 2015 that I am still friends with today. They’re two of my closest friends. Maybe the traffic has just been down this week that doesn’t mean it won’t pick up again. This is a good site even with the glitches. I have seen lots of people make good friends and open up in a way they can’t in their normal day to day life.

Yeah, thank God someone who has my thoughts exactly. I remember it was full of people that would take time to respond to my posts when I was going through some hard moments and I was able to access their profiles and support them, but now you can't read their biography, check their new posts, but you can support and message them, that's it. The old SG was way in its prime years, but now it looks dull and less people commenting on my posts. I just want the mods to take this consideration and fix everything that's broken, so that we won't have to complain about it again.

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yep. Id rather just help eachother than have any "authority" around, period. They rarely understand, even if they have a PhD in psych, unless theyve lived it. Not to mention so much peer reviewed research backs up peer support models which the systems fail to implement. The only thing Id like is to make it easier to read messages, rather than having to scroll for a million years to get to the latest message, no alerting on the actual website if someone has requested to support you or messaged---it's awful. Usually people support me and ai have no idea who has supported me so I dont even know who to support back. Therefore I cant even message anyone so whatevrr. I gave up. I just only comment on posts now, and even that no idea if people have simply liked the post or want a reply. Super annoying.

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I too miss the ability to click on the people you knew and see their post history. It was easier to keep track of the people you knew. Not sure why you cant even see profiles or post history. Lots of times I miss peoples posts until way later and at that point its kind of late to respond... maybe their is some way to let moderators know our concerns.

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I just sent and email to see if this is something that they will be fixing. I am sure I will get a cookie cutter response but it doesn't hurt any to try.

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It came back undeliverable. Wow. They really need to get more organized when their own help email doesn't work.

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Yes, the only feature I can access is posting or commenting. Not a single other thing works like it says. I do still want to keep at it though, at least those two things work. I am glad to read the OG’s accounts are the same. I thought maybe it was because I am using a mobile device and not the laptop. Is that what everyone else is using?

@Idnewno it’s everyone and basically all devices I hope its just because they are still tinkering with things.

I should be sleeping because I get up in 5 hours, but I did find another email address while searching the site. It's the media company that owns it. I am emailing them to see if they plan on making it more user friendly again

@MagiaMoonlight You are very dedicated. I applaud you on this mission, and I admire your tenacity.

Definitely needs an overhaul. It's weird cuz over the years I log in and some times it looks a little different, and I'm like "oh, cool". But then I realize that it has the same old problems. Don't get me wrong I love the people here. I always have. And I don't really have anything against anyone who runs the page. Just wish I could tell if my posts are actually posting or not lol

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