I missed a couple days of my exercises :( Chaos has been h

I missed a couple days of my exercises :(
Chaos has been happening lately and I've been so busy and so tired. That's probably not a good excuse though. I DO need to practice them or things will never get better.
I do need sleep and to take better care of myself too. I know you guys are still here to hold me to everything? It probably doesn't annoy you all any.
I get so overwhelmed with things sometimes but I guess that's part of being an adult. I still haven't figured out how to balance out everything though.

Keep practicing even though you get off your routine sometimes just get right back up and get at it again. Even if you stop gor a month pick yourself back up and start again.
As far as getting overwhelmed, you can take little mini breaks. Make a conscious effort to stop for a few moments or minutes depending on the circumstances and slow your breathing, breath in through your nose count to 4 in your head as you inhale the exhale counting to 4 slowly in your head. Look up breathing exercises for anxiety and stress. Pick out a few quick ones that you can use throughout the day when your busy. :)

@Fohb460 That’s what I’m taking to practive: deep breathing and + self talk.

I have a lot more work to do but I have improved a bunch already. I stopped hurting myself/attempting suicide. I gave up on using drugs to cope with things. I stopped keeping things inside so that they can't hurt me anymore.
It may not be easy to heal my brain again- it wasn't last time either but I put in the work and had people hold me accountable and I got better.

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@Sami77 You should be proud of yourself for sure! It’s hard work to learn new ways and drop old habits. Keep up the hard work it will always pay off you will be a much healthier and happier person for it. :wink: