I notice there is no support group listed to the right for "Interstitial Cystitis"

Anyone out there suffering from INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS? Very painful bladder disease effects every part of my life. My life, my marriage, I not only have IC I have many other medical problems, wondering if others with IC suffer from the same other health issues, I have so many, I listed them on my page. God Bless.

im sorry for all of ur conditions. i feel like im some kinda mutant now since my accident. of course i look fine but that just makes it worse, since people judge everyone by what they look like. im not sure what interstitial cystitis is but its amazing all the conditions people dont even know exsists. my conditions are different from yours but i just wanted to let ya know i feel ur pain and my prayers are with you. i just started this support group lookking to make peace with myself and figure out how to accept this new lifestyle of pain. my accident was a year ago and most days i still hate the world...but i dont want too anymore. i hope for you to have one of the good days today.

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How are you doing? I just saw this. Not sure if its from this year or last year, they dont put the year.
Holidays are coming & im just getting anxious, not that i get asked to go any where, my sister lives 5 min. Away, have not even seen her in about 3 yrs! She just stopped asking me to do anything. So depressing! I did so much for her when we were younger, taking care of her kids all the time, not that i minded, i really enjoyed them, we were so close, not anymore :(. Wow! Did not think i was going to go where i did! Sorry. I Pray you are feeling better & have happier holidays.
I have a lot of other health issues, the IC is a bladder disease or more like a Autoammuine disease, & Fibromyalgia, scoliosis, both ankles are fused together, they have no clue why or how, started in my early 30’s with that, have degenerative spine, & eye with macular, geez, i could go on & on. Dealing with my right shoulder is showing fusing of bones, cyst, arthritis, now it keeps feeling like its about to come out of joint, so i have to move it, til i hear like a click, then the pain is not real bad, Praying for no surgery!! Again sorry so long! Im a great listner if you ever need or want to talk. Hope u had a nice weekend. Was wet & cold here in MD.

So good to see you back! That comment was from 2012!
If it has a number, it means the year, nothing, the current year, but we are thrilled to have you back! -SG

We wanted to follow up and see how you were doing. We are working on making the groupings more distinctive and encompassing. Thanks for being a part of our site. -SG

Hi, are you still on the site, I too have an autoimmune disease, finding it kind of frustrating too. Hugs.