I ruined my own life by taking wrong decision

I still miss him nd want him back

what do you mean you took the wrong decision? what happened?

I lost the person who loved me so much due to my mistake. He meant the world to me nd I couldn’t fight for my love. He did everything to keep me happy . I regret a lot for not convincing my parents about him. He was the best person ik , i felt so free with him. But now he got engaged to someone else coz of family pressure. I miss him so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Life is not always fair, you made a decision and can’t take this one back. It is sad and awful, but he is with someone else now. The best thing you can do is be happy(ish) for him and find a way to build a new life that doesn’t include him. You will find a way, we believe in you.

Welcome to the site, we are so glad you are here. -SG