I’ve been doing great with less migraines for a while now

I’ve been doing great with less migraines for a while now. Going almost a week at a time with none. Now I am experiencing two in a few days. Horrible migraines. So sick of the pain. Today is a bit stressful. I’ll be flying and have my grandson with me, so I think that is a trigger today. Plus I’m eating like crap at my sons house. And that’s a trigger too. Having fun and eating like a idiot LOL

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I get cluster headaches but I know that if I am stressed or eat badly they spark up like no tomorrow. Took me a long time to realize that if I take care of myself and I mean by eating good, walking and trying to keep my stress down I don't seem to get as many. I do have medication for them but I am proud to say I have only had to take one pill in the last year so thats a good thing. Do you take meds for the migraine? I know that there is so many new meds out now for them. Stay strong sending healing hugs.

@Jennipain. I’ve been home over a week now and have kept up my bad eating habits with my grandson here. I normally don’t get the snacks I have gotten and eating sugary stuff is not good for me. I’m experiencing a few a week now. My medications I have for migraines are But//acetaminophen/caffeine and Relpax I don’t have a preventative the ones I wanted to try my insurance doesn’t cover. And some of the pill forms I have tried causes extreme drowsiness and disassociation. Not to many others help me.

I am taking the same medication for my cluster headaches. Mine don't come all the time but I know that with migraines they do. Have you ever looked into feverfew it's an herb for headaches it works great.

@Jennipain I don’t mess with to many homeopathy medications. I am on a couple antidepressants. I do like essential oils.