I,ve been messing with helex /xanax/ for 2 years now, takingI,ve been messing with helex /xanax/ for 2 years now,

I,ve been messing with helex /xanax/ for 2 years now, taking 0.5 mg occasionally, but mostly every third day. Lately, without pills I feel very bad with anxiety, fears and can not sleep well. Tried to break crisis with alcohol in the meantime, but that does not work as well. I take pill or drink only at night, because I wake up I can not sleep again and I have bad thoughts that makes me feel bad and in fear.

Are you taking this under a doctor's care? Why are you out of pills and self medicating?

No I'm taking this by myself, and out of pills now. Cold turkey ninth day now,..no pills and small amounts of alcohol . I've been through real hell during this time, but also I have some good moments, 2-3 nights i did sleep well and my concentration and feeling of life is coming back.

Please do not drink. It is almost impossible to overdose on a benzo. A brilliant psychiatrist I worked with told me the only way to die from taking a benzo is to get hit by the truck delivering it. UNLESS you begin to mix them with alcohol and or opiates. Then it's a recipe for death. The only person to die from a suboxone OD mixed it with a benzo.

THANKS for your information, i did not mix xanax with alcohol, but i used to drink in the meantime while not taking pills. Now I stop drinking alcohol and taking pills.