I was adopted by a grand aunt at 15 due to my mothers passin

I was adopted by a grand aunt at 15 due to my mothers passing and my farther passing when i was 5 . My family treated me as inferior , unattractive , and intellectually defecit. Its crazy how the hand that helps you screws you mentally. Now im 33 and independent and somewaht successful im still trying to keep distance from them , and the reaction is im an ingrate. I love my family but cant stand to be around them. Sometimes family does not want the best for you. My point is to the mothers who gave up there kids for adoption, and are in a better place now , and have the opportunity to reunite . PLEASE GO GET YOUR KIDS. Sometimes even family appear to have good intentions but they have outcomes in there minds for your life. I realized alot of things were done for me for show but they never wnated nor expected me to be where i am. If my mother was alive , there is nothing and noone that would stop me from reconnecting with her.

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hugs to you. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with your family. I hope you have been able to set up strong boundaries with them over the years. I am glad you have been able to thrive in spite of how they treated you.