I was just diagnosed today. I feel like my life is over. I'mI was just diagnosed today. I feel like my life is over

I was just diagnosed today. I feel like my life is over. I'm so ashamed. I hate myself and I'd rather die than tell anyone. I'm so devastated.

when you are first diagnosed those are the same emotions everyone goes through. In time it does get better. Do not hate yourselfor be ashamed of yourself. You are the same great person you were before you got this virus. The most important thing to do is educate yourself on this virus, keep a healthy immune system, and try to keep stress to a minimum. And people on here will always be here for you. They are amazing.

@Heart77 you stole my lines lol. I think ive said the same To every new person over the last few days. it really is something that is manageable and you can still have relationships and have children and live your life as normal.

The thing is, I knew it was herpes, when the symptoms started showing I googled and read everything I could. I was in denial until the exam, when my doctor said the words. And then it was like everything came crashing down. I've never felt like this before. My dog died on Friday, and I'm moving in two months to a new state...I've never felt so alone and defeated and disgusting. Thank you for your advice but I feel like a piece of ****. I've never cried like this before. I just feel so ruined.

I felt the same way about myself at the beginning. Are you having an outbreak now

I am, it's so painful. I was given a medicine called acyclovir for now, and have to go back to the doctor in 10 days to discuss further treatment. I read that after your first outbreak, you can have up to five in the first year, and that the outbreaks occur less or cease all together. Idk how to deal with having this happen over and over again. I don't want to deal with this forever.

A lot depends on your diet and stress. Are you eating healthy

My naturopath put me onto lysine and there are a number of people who also take lysine which you can get from health food store or pharmacy maybe. I'm sorry that the other aspects of your life adding to your stress but maybe look at moving as a whole new start and think of it as a positive thing. everyone is different with the amount of outbreaks they have so don't think that you are going to be the same because you may not but yes it is about keeping your immune system strong. Im 6 months in and im doing pretty good and its I think mostly because I do not have outbreaks and I also have learned about it so I know what it means to me and my life. I have also been accepted by men for it so I know it is not completely hopeless. I also remind myself that it could be worse and there are worse off people than me and I know that some people hate hearing that but it's true

@lisajd in a weird way everytime I read a post from someone new it actually continues to help me. I had the same exact emotions everyone else has thinking my life was going to be over, I was ashamed, and felt so dirty. I have came so far from that time knowing again that my life will continue to be great. Yes I will have bad days just like before but I won't let this virus dictate my life.

Me either. the fact of the matter is that it's something that cannot be changed and you are the move forward or you let it ruin your life and really it is up to ourselves which way we want to go. it's like anything In life we have a choice. sometimes we need to think about those people who are dealt very hard blows who just get on with it and live their life to the fullest regardless of their circumstances. I work with children who have disabilities who are under 7 years old most of them won't even know what it is like to have a normal life so I also think about how their parents must feel and think that I'm very fortunate