I was off for 3 days then went for a buffet lunch. Till a po

I was off for 3 days then went for a buffet lunch. Till a point I was pretty certain I won't touch the dessert counter. But...had one and then it was a sugar junk binge for two days.
In the 3 days that I was off, I did not feel much difference EXCEPT
that I was not feeling super ****** all the time. That I was being beaten by some worthless piece of sugar junk every single time.
And that feeling was the best thing in the world! I did not feel like a loser anymore.
And that's why, I am going to jump right back on this sugar free train.
You ppl who have crossed the week/month/year mark are incredible!!! Keep inspiring the newbies like us! :)
Thank you for reading

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i fell off the wagon myself on both christmas eve and boxing day.
didn't feel 100% after the indulgences ... my body is telling me that sugar-free is the way to go.

@sugarlessjoe Exactly. Come to think of it, I don’t even enjoy it all that much. But that one bite turns a switch on. In my case it’s " let’s eat a bit more before we give it up again". The trick is to NOT turn it into a coveted object. It’s sugar, it’s there, I can eat it if I want. But i CHOOSE not to.
thanks for reading.