I wrote a poem for my wife to help explain my feelings. Not

I wrote a poem for my wife to help explain my feelings. Not something I usually do but it helped me feel a little better. I thought I'd share it here for you all. To you my dear, my love for you is sincere and my feelings have never felt so clear. My mind in a puddle gasping for air, feeling as if I'm about to tear in two . But who, to lift me from my muddy mind is you. As you reach to lift me from my bitter ways and show me better days I stare, in disbelief that a woman with such grace would brace me against her chest and whisper put your mind at rest. We shed a tear in fear of what do to each other but never remember what we do for one another. The greatest gift a woman could give, the star in the sky is now the star in our eye. Her smile so recognizable yet so indefinable until I realize the beauty in her came from the beauty in you. To you my dear, our fear is out of love and as I shove my mind deeper in the puddle the sound of your voice, may seem so subtle, my feelings begin to shuffle and remind me that my mind is stuck in time and this time is ours to shine feeling our love intertwine is so devine it's time. The mud is drying and with every ounce I'm trying, to show you the warmth I still have to offer. The barrier between us is feeling softer with my thoughts saying "all I want is her". Can things go back to the way they were, Or is it time to change for sure? For her? For me? For we. To you my dear, we've nothing to fear this much is clear, my love for you is sincere.

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This is really heartfelt, how did she react?

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