Im 23 and just found out i have shingles on my side and ches

Im 23 and just found out i have shingles on my side and chest i didnt catch it till 4 days in and its honestly taking so much out of me lately. Idk what im supposed to do. I feel i have so much on my plate already and now i have shingles on top of it all

going to the doctor if possible is advised since its a disease and getting distracted as much possible on things you like

I try but its not easy alot going on in my life. And ive gone already thats how i found out just i feel stressed about so much still

Im so sorry you have to go through this. I hope it got better. i suffered from shingles for months on no end and it developed into PHN. being stressed -in my case- might have triggered it. My doc had to experiment with several doses of Gabapentin and Amitriptyline until the pain was contained. if it's only itching, you're suffering from, that's a blessing. cooling patches do help in addition to creams the doctor can prescribe. unfortunately, there is no magical solution but the meds, patience, and some will to go through this strong helps. connection with friends will make you also feel less alone against this. all the best to you, hope you will get well soon!