I'm actually okay today. You know day by day. I actually sta

I'm actually okay today. You know day by day. I actually started redoing my file cabinet. It's a lot of work but getting organized seems to help my mood more. I have like 8 years of stuff to go through and file. LOL. Actually, I'm on here because of 2 things - First, is anyone having a hard time getting their ADHD meds? You can forget about getting Adderall filled. I mean any other ADHD meds.
2nd - has anyone tried the online therapist - just for talk therapy? Does anyone know if they take health insurance or Medicare? If you have used an online therapist, please let me know what you thought about them and the good and bad parts of using one. I really appreciate it and thank you very much. I hope everyone is good today.

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Actually no, it’s not spam. I lost my therapist because the company let everyone go. It’s hard to find a r regular therapist here. I asked about ADHD because I can’t get mine. So, thank you for being so judgmental. I didn’t think we were supposed to be like that on here. We were here to help each other. So thank you for providing to me that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

@Krashtian what are you talking about??? I didn’t SPAM on your post. Why would I spam your post?

I thought it was you because of this.
Fohb460 (33525)
43 minutes ago

@Krashtian I was putting SPAM on SHINIGHAMI because I think they are a spammer, not you.

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