I'm allergic to egg whites, and dairy and im gluten sensitiv

I'm allergic to egg whites, and dairy and im gluten sensitive. usually when I eat something i shouldnt my upper stomach bloats and hurts. Right now i have an awful pain directly under my ribs. Probably at a 7 or 8 on the pain scale, not to the left or right. Anyone else suffer from this? Anyone know what its called.

It's not called anything else. It's simply called a egg and milk allergy. about 50-70% have skin symptoms, 50-60% have symptoms from the stomach and gut, and 20-30% have symptoms from the airways. Severe and life threatening symptoms may occur in 10% of people.

Reason is that people just like chimpanzees have a diet based on vegetables,fruits and drinking water.

Anything else that enters our body is considered as trash foods, and either our immune system reacts on it, or it builds up creating cardiovascular diseases.

So your best bet is to avoid trash foods altogether and only eat vegetables and fruits.

I was in the ER last Friday with severe abdominal pain directly center but under the base of the rib cage - rated it a 7 on the pain scale as well. The doctors ran blood tests, urine samples and did an ultrasound all to find out it was acid build up in my stomach. They put me on a diet of water, Pedialyte, coconut water and chicken broth for 24 hrs and then day 2 I was able to eat plain white bread, bananas, plain white rice and boiled vegetables with nothing on them to neutralize the acidity of my stomach. I hadn't ever experienced pain like that before last week.

Just on a note of acidity, I drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Lemon is the most alkalizing fruit. It's acidic going in but once it hits the stomach it alkalizes to help balance the body's pH for the day. That may help you balance out acid for the day.