I'm feeling so many different emotions I'm so sad and lonely

I'm feeling so many different emotions I'm so sad and lonely, depressed and anxious I just feel overwhelmed with so much I'm only 27 years old but growing up I was bullied being called names like fatty, ugly, stupid, stinky and so much more which caused so much low self esteem and depression. I have lost 4 very close people in my life (grandparents and aunt and cousin) and I got so so scared that I got PTSD which brings so much fear and anxiety and physical symptoms and so many worrying thoughts. Also I do not like where I'm at in life I am college student and I'm not working and I do not have any friends and I do not have my license due to fear of driving. I'm just so sick of life and feel like I'm dying on the inside so badly... AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT FEELS LIKE THIS!!!

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Very sorry for you losses and difficulties. Many of us here are struggling with a variety of issues: including grief, depression and PTSD. I hope you have professional support. If not, please consider reaching out to hotline numbers listed on this site. Speaking to someone might help. Being bullied is another terrible trauma. Hopefully your school offers counseling services. This site will provide great support as well.

I'm sure you're not alone. I know what is like to lose someone who you were close with. I'm only 17 years old and I still have so much things to experience. I was also called fat, lesbian, stinky in my middle school years. If you want to look for new friends, you can attend social gatherings, clubs, classes.

No you are not the only one. Being in your 20s is actually very hard. A lot of growing pains still happening. It is a struggle. I can tell you that things will change for the better as you go. You just have to hold on right now. Pray to God. Know that things will get better. Believe God loves you so much and ask for guidance from the angels.
Angels of peace and clarity. We have many Angels watching over us.

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You are not alone here and It can get better

You are most definitely not alone, Im 15 and have server ptsd to say. I lost all my friends when i got into a relationship that would later turn out to be very very abusive then lost them again when i got into my latest relationship. You are far from alone, I know how you are feeling. I feel that way too. But please hear me out when I say this. I know everyone says that it gets better, and while that is true, it is going to take time, and might exhausted you. That's okay, not being okay is okay. I am a sophmore in highschool now and never have been what all of my friends were or what the rest of the people in school were. I ended up with an eating disorder. Please and i know how hard it is brush what they say off. I know that it may be in the past but its okay to still be hurt, healing isnt an over night flight. Healing can take a long time, but do not give up in the time that it takes to heal.

No, you aren't the only one feeling this way and I'm glad you signed on here for support and answers. I'm so sorry you were bullied, kids can be so mean! I'm so sorry you are feeling so low and lost. You are valuable, you count, you are important and needed! I'm sorry for your losses too, I know those are great losses and hard to live in. I'm proud of you going to college, you will make your own destiny better doing that, just keep on keeping on dear. life will get better. Have you thought of volunteering? It is a great way to find like minded people and therefore friends, and it helps you as you are helping others. what is your passion? Go for it! You are able and strong enough, smart enough, and needed. Also, take a good multi vitamin that has extra magnesium to calm your mind body and spirit and help with sleep. Make sure it has extra Bs too to give you focus and energy. Also, get some ginseng to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop, these all do help dear. Take walks, they calm you too. Breathe deep in peace, and out fear and negativity, pushing it away. counsel is good too, many churches offer it free if you can't afford it.

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