I'm in need of people to talk to. I moved out of state for s

I'm in need of people to talk to. I moved out of state for school, but I am back now, and I lost all of my friends in the process. I really only talk to my boyfriend lately, but that's because of losing all my friends and BPD has affected that as well. I am off my meds right now so it's hard to control myself, meaning my moods (mood swings are the worst) and depression, anxiety, etc. I miss having people to talk to. My boyfriend is amazing and he supports me wherever and whenever needed, but when he's at work, I can't always get a response very fast. I'm a really nice person and have a lot of time to do really whatever lately, so if you'd like to talk, let me know. :)

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Welcome here. Thanks for your post letting us know a little about you. Keep posting. We're not all here all the time, but I think you will find that this is an awesome group.

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@kisobel Thanks, and no problem. I’ll post now and then for sure. :slight_smile:

you can make new one. but first you'll have to find places to meet people (both online and offline). :)
anyway, welcome!

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@strawblue great that your boyfriend is supportive!

Glad you found the forum. Being back at home and away from town, what has been helpful to you in supporting your emotional health lately? What have you thought of but haven't tried yet?

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@RainbowChard Uh, not a lot. I’ve been sleeping a lot (too much) and that’s pretty much it.