I'm mentally tired of pretending to family,coworkers everyo

I'm mentally tired of pretending to family,coworkers everyone that my husband's so good to me. He is at times but 70 % of the time he's rude and mean to me I get called stupid as dumb as or dummy more than 5 times a day lately he's been saying that I need to learn how to just shut up we were talking about something and I asked him if he would consider my opinion or input and he said no he doesn't care about my opinion it doesn't mean anything to him that hurt my feelings. And now is escalated to him telling me that shut up before he slaps me and I said do it I know not good on my part but he came towards me and kicked me instead just now we were goofing around singing dumb songs about each other something so dumb we were both laughing and he got mad over something I said and got up and sat on me and started digging his elbow in my back it hurt so much I was yelling for him to stop finally he did and then I yelled at him and he did it again and started sock in me in the back and then stomped on my stomach idk wtf is wrong anymore I feel like complete crap he's gotten so abusive and mean I will never get any respect from my husband never and that makes me so sad I deserve better

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disrespect alone is horrible but that coupled with physical abuse is a horrible crime. u need to speak to the authorities. u need help

whoa...he slaps you? its gotten to that point? maybe yall need couples counseling too

You need to get out of that relationship ASAP!

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