I'm so mad, I hate them both, how can you betray the perso

I'm so mad, I hate them both, how can you betray the personal that would take a bullet for u for simple pleasure. I hate the girl and I hate him for doing what he did to me. Deep inside I love him, but the man I met the moment I caught him cheating was a malicious stranger.. I feel like I live with the enemy. Everything I though we had was a lie. How do I forgive him? How do u get past this? Does he really regret what he did ? Or will he just become a better lier and cheat again. Has someone out there been in my situation . Help.

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Welcome. Sorry you are put in this position by the one you love the most. Betrayal is a horrible thing. All your questions... well their answers depend on both of you but mostly on his acceptance of his guilt, remorse and repentance as well as a real effort to repair the relationship and... your willingness to forgive and move forward. I know the horrible feeling you have now and I hope you can find peace again.

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I understand what you are going through. Betrayal is painful. Trust is difficult now as you are not sure which words are truth and lies. Look for actions from him to see if he is really remorseful. Take time to observe if he is worth a second chance. Lastly, love yourself more!

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It’s so hard and especially because I just found out I’m expecting. I’m not just hormonal but I’m so devastated . I just don’t know if I’ll eve forget .

@storm01 be strong!! Come here to talk to us if you need..

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@storm01 Me too. Merry Xmas!

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Thank you for listening :( living one day at a time

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