I'm so tired of allowing my self to be used to help others f

I'm so tired of allowing my self to be used to help others fir the little bit of joy that gives me at the expense of me being alone and unable love and help myself. I have had severe anxiety and insomnia for a very long time and I just feel empty now.

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I saw your post had never been commented on, how are you darling?

Are you still around because I completely understand what you’re saying. I’m so sorry this has also been your experience.
I’ve given and given of myself to others, they take it all and instead of thanking you, honoring you, respecting you or just want to ask questions, have meaningful conversations, share funny old memories together, or laugh about stupid stuff…they leave you- no abandon you and end up making you the scapegoat of ALL that was wrong with the atmosphere…wth??
I’ve owned up to any questionable or mistakes I made but still I’m shut OUT.

They are so afraid of having deep connections. True discussions. NO ONE is still a kid…they are long grown. They treat others with the deepest respect but can barely give me a lowly reply on a text…??
My anxiety and loneliness is off the charts. Should I have to beg them for love? I’m convinced if you are a female and you’ve tried to be a mother…you’re going to get crucified for it. There’s no one to turn to anymore.