I'm super obsessive, is this okay?

For every relationship I’ve been in, I’m a very obsessive person. Now this isn’t the reason any of them have ended, just saying. I get jealous so easily and I have the mindset of “this is mine, only mine, and no one else can have it.” Does anyone else feel the same? I feel like this might not be normal, how obsessive I am. I’ve never hurt anyone over it, but I’ve threatened. I feel like I’m willing to do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship. I’ve talked to my current partner about this and they said it’s okay and they’re fine with it, but I feel as it this may be a bit…wrong.

Some people find that sexy, but if you feel it is an issue, it is an issue. Try to figure out when this started and if it is a distrust issue, work on that, if you are just fiercely protective and monogamous, not sure it is an issue.

Have you been cheated on beforehand? Sometimes trauma and anxiety attachment are linked to obsessive behaviours, but if that’s happened to you, then it’s possible.