I'm sure as you can see from my past posts my family isn't t

I'm sure as you can see from my past posts my family isn't the greatest.

All I really ask is peace and if I lend something like money , you keep your word.

Keeping your word is a big thing for me,which is killing me because the sister I am talking to is taking advantage of that.
I lent her money back before summer ,I asked her to pay me back and buy her kids sandals(simple right?) She paid me 1000 back so far(out of 1700) and didn't get them sandals. I avoided saying anything about the sandals...

I signed up for klarna for her because it wouldn't work so she could get a airbnb for her and my nephew in Toronto. 4 payments . I told her this is the last time because obviously she can't keep her word on paying it on time without me asking for it..then I feel guilty! What!
Also brags how she's getting a raise. She's a LPN and I'm just a food service. There's something wrong with this picture.

Next time she ask for money you can tell her you don't have it sorry, end of discussion. See if you can get her to agree on a payment the amount and day tell her some sob story how you really need it, make her feel some guilt.

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@Fohb460 I did tell her already this was the last time and that I can’t handle it.

The day before the payment was due she said she was gonna send it (hasn’t yet) and I did tell her I was strapped for money. I only got 500 to due me 2 weeks (and payments had to come out of that 500)