I'm tired of living as me, as a person like me

I'm tired of living as me, as a person like me.

So sorry! What's going on right now?

@L2015 sorry if I had said anything wrong.

I wish. I was someone else too...

Hi TiredHeart. No, I can't think of anything at all that you said wrong. I was just wondering why you're feeling so sad right now (only if you want to talk about it).

@L2015 everything just not going well in my life. Feeling stressful about everything. My mom had been talking about her being 50 and not having any grandchildren really stressed me out.

I feel the same way. What I wouldn't give to live as someone else. Even just got a small while. Or to just disappear.

My mom's in her 50s and I'm 16....so...Yea same here...she really wants grandkids im waiting a long time doe

@Jennabutterfly16 you’re still young & can be considered an excuse. I’m already 30 and hard to find any excuse of not being married till now.

Not being in love? Not finding right person? Not being ready to take care of a kid? U could adopt btw my mom did that (I was miracle baby cuz she has the rarest of chromosome abnormalities