I'm transferring to another college after I got my degree ea

I'm transferring to another college after I got my degree earlier this year. I'm unsure about how many credits can actually transfer or not since it's not a transferrable degree. I had the option to do a transferrable degree when I started college a few years ago but I didn't choose it because I didn't expect to be changing majors and doing more education after I finished that degree. I really regret it now.

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in the course of a lifetime, honestly it doesnt matter. In my observation, many professors and professionals have changed degrees, did community college then bechelor degrees then masters, other had a bachelor degree then did another bachlor degree, and people who have Phds then switch to a bachelor degree... or do a certificate... learning is lifelong, as soon as you realize you need to switch

*as soon as you realize you need to switch, I feel like the wise thing to do is switch sooner than later, so you can get where you need to be faster. And I realized thaf you can get jobs, so people often switcj roles in the workplace too, so you arent ever stuck as long as you know how to reword your resume, basically.

@Doodle1234 I was in my last year of college when I decided to switch but I didn’t do it right away because I figured I might as well finish my degree since I only had a year left. I just wish I had chosen a transferrable degree before I started my degree.

yeah, thats what i mean. it’sfine to switch. i have a prof who is a well known animator and already had a BS in Biology… i have a psychology/ neuroscience degree and am doing a bachelor in design/fine arts. it doesnt matter. what matters is you are climbing the right ladder for you. plenty of well paid jobs in every field. In my own experience, I realized 3rd year I hated my degree, then I finished my degree, tried to get a minor to bridge myself to the other field I wanted to be in… but now, I wish I had simply quit and gone directly where I wanted to go instead of wasting more money and resources, energy, and most of all—time. One thing Ive always regretted is wasted time. Everything else sort of fluctuates and comes and goes and evens out.

The only thing is that I may have to take more credits than I would have to if I had a transferable degree. That’s one of the things I regret that I didn’t decide on before I started college because I didn’t think I’d be transferring. I just wanted to be done after this.

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yeah, it’s a real pain. I wonder if there might be a way to get out of taking more credits than you need to. Sometimes, you can talk to different academic advisors, and some of them are more helpful than others. Also, department heads who are profs, often can help if you send an email asking them for an academic advising appointment in your specific program, and sometimes they let you take required courses without the pre requisites. If they give permission, sometimes they enroll you.