I'm wondering if anyone else here grew up in a cult? The one

I'm wondering if anyone else here grew up in a cult? The one I grew up in is not well known so no one here would know of it. There are so many things very wrong with my life and I just don't know how to move forward. I've been in therapy for years but that isn't helping. I was diagnosed with PTSD quite some time ago and I think the hardest thing about all this is I feel I will never have a normal life, I don't think like other people think about many things...I don't fit in anywhere.

Sometimes I feel the same…. I don’t know about cults
I think you have a very good heart and insight. I do know life is about change and it will not always be this way. Idk about your question about your thought process … like what you mean about how u think differently….
Lots of people have lots of problems and then there are those who appear to have a perfect life…
Keep up with your therapy if you can Sorry I’m not more helpful! Hugs

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@NCMom You’re very kind… I appreciate the support, it’s really the most I could ask for <3 It’s hard to walk alone and that’s what I’ve done since I was a little girl but the kindness of others makes that walk a little easier to endure.

Very sorry for your experience. I did not grow up in a cult but I understand many of the mind control tactics that are used. You may want want to consider working with therapists who specialize in working with cult victims and or ptsd. Best wishes for your recovery.

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Thanks andine...good suggestion but I'm not sure if there are any in my city. I might have to travel or do something online.

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@Wiltedflowerz yes, I did have to travel initially but it was well worth the effort. Otherwise unfortunately therapy can indeed feel like a complete waste of time and effort. Result of covid restrictions made some medical care actually more accessible which is great for agoraphobics…