I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to get medic

I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to get medical help for tinnitus when it's not covered by Medicare. I am 69 and have Medicare and a Supplemental N Plan. Pretty sure this type of coverage is standard for seniors and retired people.

I've heard so many opposite solutions (or 'snake oil') for tinnitis -from DIY to very costly ''solutions'' -but don't know of any professional who claims to be able to take it away (with meds?) or whatever...
It can be insanely annoying and distracting or some ppl's brain sort of 'equalizes' the buzz/rush out of their brains.
What kind of medical solutions have you heard about?

@Littlesis7 There are no solutions unless you find the root cause. After doing some research, I think that Tinnitus is not a condition unto itself but is the result of underlying issues with the auditory system. There are different types of sounds you can hear with tinnitus. Depending upon your type, this can be a clue as to what is causing your condition. Mine is the typical constant buzzing. It sometimes changes in pitch and volume. Sometimes I don’t hear it at all, so I’m still hopeful it will resolve itself. I had some kind of illness, and about 2/3rds of the way thru it, my ear started buzzing. I’d say first to have your ears checked for a blockage and have the wax cleaned out (if there is any). Second, have your hearing checked. 90% of people with tinnitus have hearing loss. If this is the case, hearing aids could help. Other things that can cause it are Improper blood pressure, TMJ, damage to the middle and/or inner ear, medicines both prescription and over the counter ones, loud noises, and other things. It’s a complicated condition.

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yes, very complicated. I have had it for more than 10 years. it is very annoying. no one knows how to treat it, sadly.

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