Infatuated with a friend of mine and unsure how to proceed

I’ve been infatuated with a friend of mine. I’ve known her for a year, however, we have only been hanging out consistently for 4 months (I couldn’t drive prior to November). The two of us met while we where doing a group project for a class we where in together. When I first started talking to her my attraction to her was minimal at best, however, as time has gone on I have gotten more and more attracted to her and I hate it. I go back and forth in my mind as to what I should do regarding my infatuation. These days she is the only thing I can think about and it is causing problems in my day to day life. A part of me wants to slowly distance myself from her and then the other part of my wants to be closer to her. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I just want to purge these thoughts from my mind, The feelings are overwhelming and I just wish I could be a normal friend. Pardon if my thoughts are all over the place, thank you in advance.

im so glad you posted this because i am in the same situation