Is a love not returned wasted

Is a love not returned wasted, is it better not to love? Is heartbreak worse than loneliness, is death worse than living?

Good questions my friend.
To be honest, I’ve found that being alone is preferable to enduring heartbreak and being in an unhealthy relationship. As someone who has been shattered by past relationships, I’d rather remain alone .The agony of loss is too great to justify bringing another life into it.
Not sure if I am right maybe I am getting so pessimist :frowning:

But with all those unreturned hurting love , I always choose kindness and love in my every day life and can’t change.
At least I feel peace inside with being kind and don’t gave any expectation.

What a calming and reassuring reply. I hope to be as well as you someday.:heart:

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You actually are fantastic and valuable just believe it and love yourself :heart: Good luck

Thanks, I’m on my way. I started yoga, I’m continuing therapy and I’m writing amateurish poetry to express my feelings. These are things I could never do before I was broken down to nothing. I will try to be the person I was always afraid to be.