Is anyone on ADHD MEDS right now? I've had to be my own coa

Is anyone on ADHD MEDS right now?
I've had to be my own coach so been researching ADHD and came across some real Pioneers and advocates.: Rick Green who heads up and
Jessica McCabe- Youtube 'Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story.
I am leary of going on adhd meds due to my extreme Sensitivity. Didn't have a great response to Depression meds in the past and have long not been on them.
But might have no choice here...feels like one MORE thing I have to take care of that I didn't plan on!

Ask doctor about starting weight lifting/body toning/light weights. Exercise increases endorphines?

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My life plans get side tracked too. To the point can’t make a plan.

I was misdiagnosed as having ADHD and was prescribed aderall it destroyed my life. I guess a lot of psych disorders are very similar it turns out I have Bipolar disorder where I get highs like im ADHD and lows where I can't do anything. I just know that after 2 years with a lot of lows I'm doing better with the appropriate medication and therapy.

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@Junior726 this is interesting to me regarding aderall. I think I’ve had enough info about it as an adult to veer me away from it but therapist is thinking about other traditional meds for ADHD. I don’t want to do any of them really. I wish I could control in a different way. Your progress sounds encouraging. Can you share which ‘appropriate’ med or therapy has helped you w BPD?

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