Is it reasonable for me to be even a little bit upset about

Is it reasonable for me to be even a little bit upset about this? So my guy friend and I would walk dogs together sometimes since I dogsit for my mom's friends. Whenever I'm not dogsitting, he'd keep asking me when I was going to dogsit again and ask if he could go over to the owner's houses and see the dogs. He somehow found out I got a new client last month even though I didn't tell him. He and I are neighbors and I guess he saw me outside during our first meeting with the dog and owners. Almost every time we hung out after that, he'd keep asking when the dogs were going to come to my house and I had told him that they would be here in a few weeks. He kept telling me to tell him when they got here because he wanted to meet and walk the dog. The day the dog got here, I told him that the dog was here and to let me know when he wants to meet it. He asked me to walk it twice, both days on which I was unavailable. I do realize I could've told him when I wanted to walk the dogs too, but knowing how his asking me to hangout is always last minute, I didn't think it'd be a good idea, plus, he seemed like he was busy a lot and I didn't want to make it feel like he had to come with me. In the past, whenever I asked him to hang out first, he would always say he had plans already, so I eventually just gave up asking him first. Or he would say he wasn't sure if he was going to be free yet and then, I'd never hear back from him again. We hung out again after the dog went back home and he had asked if the dog already went back already and I said yeah. He then said he didn't really want to walk the dog anyways because how I told him the dog is really hyper and reactive on walks. I don't get why he would keep asking me if he didn't really want to walk the dog and why he kept begging me to see the dog before and just suddenly decides he doesn't want to walk him anymore after I told him the dog was very hyper and reactive. Out of all the dogs we've walked before, this one was the youngest and also most reactive which made sense why he probably didn't really want to walk it, but at the same time, I'm also kinda upset about how he kept begging me to walk him only to say he didn't really walk him after finding out how he is on walks. I'm also kinda upset about how he didn't tell me the real reason beforehand and basically just lied to me about it. He has flaked out on plans he made before so it isn't new. Makes me feel like I'm just a backup plan for when he's bored and right when other plans come up, he flakes. He usually plans ahead of time with his other friends and actually follows through but with me, it's always last minute and very vague. I've started anticipating every time he asks to hang out that he will possibly flake last minute again but I'm still not sure how to deal with it. I'm so tired of him constantly making last minute plans, then, flaking on them, and making excuses when I confront him about it.

Did this ever resolve itself? -SG