It just sucks...the girl whom I have feelings for is with so

It just sucks...the girl whom I have feelings for is with someone else. It's been a few days & I am trying so desperately to heal. But no matter how hard I try, all I can think about is that she is spending all this time with this other guy & he's not me. It's so painful. Sometimes this pain becomes to much to bear. I don't know how much longer I can bear this pain. I'll take any advice that I can get.

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There's not really much you can do if they're with someone else. Try to find something to occupy your mind, something you like. Find someone to talk to, whether it'd be a friend irl or online. It'll take a little while, but you'll eventually move on.

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I think try to find something else to do that you enjoy like hang out with friends, start a class, pick up a hobby maybe even spend time trying to find some other girl to hang out with… hope this pain gets better!

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@Foundlove I appreciate that. I’ll try. I just feeling like I’m starting all over again at step 1. I don’t know if I had that energy to but I’ll try to think about what could give me new life. I appreciate your well wishes & advice.

Hope you feel better. I agree find something you like to do be around family or those you are close with. I understand pain my wife cheated on me with another man really sucked feel for you

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@chas188 I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. Knowing that I’m not alone does make the pain hurt just a little bit less. Thank you so much.

@Wolfgurll I appreciate the hugs. I really do. Hugging back if you’ll accept.

Hi jp,

So sorry to hear about this. Believe me, NO girl is worth something as extreme as this. I fully realize how it's happened lots of times in my life too, but believe me, nobody is worth it. It just means there's someone MUCH BETTER for you!

One technique that also might help, is to think about her negative aspects. No person is perfect and if you don't know of any, then you don't know her very well!

I am very sorry to read this and hope you realize no one is ever worth it.
Hope this helps,

@masmedia Thank you Mark. The technique is appreciated & I thank you for sharing it with me. I try to keep thinking not being with her is not worth taking my life. Thank you.