Its a step in the right direction

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Well it is a lot better than a lot of other religions in their backward stances!

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I didn’t even know that they barred children from being baptized if they had same sex parents. Then again, I don’t know what I would expect from an organization that has historically weaponized faith as a means to consolidate power, while being most known for their multiple scandals for child predation. Then again, this I’m reading from an article from CNN which I trust with the truth about as far as I can throw an elephant.

We were surprised about that too, what new organization do you trust most? SG

Well, that’s just the thing. None of the major networks were particularly trustworthy to begin with considering they always toe their respective party lines as well. Corporate interest hasn’t done anything to help in that respect either. Then it seemed when the US political schism went full on fracture during the Trump campaign in 2016, all credibility was lost between all of them, and it’s only been getting worse since.

At this point, if something catches my eye in any “news” story, I have to check multiple outlets then cross reference and research just to get close to something that isn’t sensationalized or cherry picked and twisted for it’s political implications. I ended up finding it easier to just stop caring about the news and be content with watching the world burn so to speak. Lately my head’s only been turned by how precariously close to a potential third world war we are, and that’s only to get any early warning of skyrocketing oil prices should that happen.

That is very true, it is hard to find media that just reports without being swayed by party affiliate lines. But you can find this story on multiple sites. -SG

Oh sure. I just take whatever I hear or see from CNN with a grain of salt. Ultimately I tend to see this kind of story as fairly inconsequential, outside of a “Huh, never knew that was a thing.” I know very little about the statistics on this, but wouldn’t imagine there are a whole lot of same sex couples or trans folks flocking to Catholicism considering their historical stance on the issue. Then again, not much would surprise me anymore.

Well within the LGBTQIA community and group, it is a big deal.

A victory is a victory, so I have no doubt that it is.

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