It's really sad seeing people argue, put others down and dis

It's really sad seeing people argue, put others down and dismiss each other's thoughts/feelings on here. 3-3 1/2 years ago I found this site through searching for hours online for anything that might help me. I came on here and poured out my thoughts, heart, and mind searching for something or someone to help. I honestly don't remember my earlier post much but I do remember getting kind responses from other members at the time. Over the years a handful of "Bad" people have came and went. I really thought we as a whole were on a really good path but Over the past few months I've seen so much hatred. Some people claiming that other members are narcissists, when in reality they couldn't truly know. With the exception of one user who used to post who was very open about himself having NPD. If I remember correctly, people even put him down. Even though he was actually trying to get better and learn from his mistakes. That's probably why I stopped noticing him post. Not to mention, several members who joined in the past year just wanting an outlet for their thoughts. It's perfectly fine understandable to let people know about the "trigger warning" policy and to make people aware of posting in the proper groups. But that doesn't mean to constantly berate them every time they post not following guidelines. Let them know once then just flag their future posts that go against guidelines. 99% of the people who come on this site 99% of the time just want help and to know they're not alone. Obviously, once in a blue moon, there's an outlier. But it's not the job of the average member to deal with them. There are moderators and the site owner for that. I've seen comments claiming certain users "so-and-so" are only here for attention...... NEWS FLASH: EVER SINGLE USER ON THIS SITE IS HERE FOR ATTENTION TO SOME EXTENT OR ANOTHER. Regardless if you want to admit it or not, it's true. Humans crave attention and interaction. But that doesn't disregard their feelings, actions or other reasons for being here. And it certainly doesn't give anyone the right to put them down for it. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, and that's perfectly fine. We can all agree to disagree on things. Nothing is wrong with that. It makes no sense how people can have friendly rivalries I sports leagues but as soon as someone expresses their feelings about any politic or law related they get labeled as the devil. It's happened several times on this site and it just shouldn't. Generally speaking if you disagree with someone or someone's post or reply on here it's ok but don't argue or put them down about it. This site is supposed to be about helping people not making people feel terrible, unwelcome, hurt and like they did something. When in reality, their just trying to get help. If you can't supply that help or advice don't respond to them. It passes me off seeing so many posts with people arguing and hurting each other. What's the point of this site if you all are just going to do that? I really hope all of you can change and be better to one another but it honestly doesn't seem possible. I used to really enjoy getting on here and replying to posts and trying to help as many members as possible but I can't stand seeing what alot of you say anymore. I know I've made plenty of mistakes throughout my time on here. I've made lots of friendships and lost alot of them due to my problems mainly. But I try my best to help people and to do the right thing and be kind. Then I see all the hurtful messages flooding people's post and it makes me want to give up more. If you have a disagreement with someone message them once on the post asking to pm/DM and the just message them directly instead of flooding someone's post who's trying to get help. I've seen way too many get discouraged and stop using the site bc of people arguing on their post instead of people helping them. It's not that difficult, seriously. If it is difficult for you to not argue with people, then find a different site to use or better yet don't post on support websites. Get a therapist, if you can't afford one then write in a journal or a WORD document. Bc all of you who are contributing to this chaos intentionally are not helping. I have so much more that I want to say, I want to call out people by screen names but I'm not going to bc it wouldn't help. I'm so tired of all of it.

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