I've become even more antisocial and less loving and I guess

I've become even more antisocial and less loving and I guess there's no reason behind that. I'm still the quiet young gal, but less caring about others. I genuinely did love others and used to be there for them when needed, but now I can't feel anything. I can't care about people, or even about animals. I'm always that angry person who hates people. I think it's good to vent my feelings, but why do I find it harder to be emotionally close to people nowadays? Maybe I've been emotionally hurt for so long that I've simply become less interactive, like I used to interact with people that I like first. I was a sincere and a good-hearted person. I can't express sympathy, but sometimes I do feel some slight empathy. I'm worried that I'll turn out to be a sociopath, since sociopaths were good people, but ended up being criminals in the future. I know people will say that they never worry whether they are sociopaths or not, but I disagree. There are some cases that sociopathic people do worry about themselves. I have so many conflicting thoughts in my head. Sometimes I want to remain a good person again, sometimes I don't want to have feelings for anyone just to avoid all the pain. I guess there's no way of changing it.

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Hey KidDJ, Am sure you are still the same caring person. Life is hard enough without putting yourself down in your thoughts. You just graduated and your life is starting a new exciting chapter. Don’t let the betrayals and hurts from your past dictate your happiness as you move forward. Don’t know if in your country you have animal shelters but if you do might want to consider volunteering. I can tell you from experience that the unconditional love of a dog can bring to you is the most rewarding feeling there is!

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@starship I reject people’s love if I don’t feel the same way. I just don’t want to come off as disingenuous, so I just be straightfoward with them. It’s getting harder to feel any love to anyone, even if I try my best.

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Don’t trip, a sociopath is a whole different type of person. I’m very similar to you…if someone is hurt, down, whatever, I’m yeah, ok…deal. Now if a little kid or an animal is hurt, I’ll try to help, maybe even cry. In my line of work, I deal with lots of people, many of them are not nice, so I just get through it and off to the next. I was more of a sociopath when I used…my drugs were meth and heroin or just meth… Then, I didn’t care about anyone or anything. Just work, get money, get high…and repeat.

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So do you think that you’re still a sociopath? Or have you changed?