I've been living the "adult life" for a year now, working in

I've been living the "adult life" for a year now, working in a job for a year and i get vacation next week but i just cant ducking take it anymore. Im tired of life, of the job itself and how the world works, how we are never paid enough and prices are always going up when they could go down if people in power were better. How changing the life is so difficult it might not be worth it, how death is scary but also seems very easy.Part of me wants to change and be successful and another just wants to burn the world down, and the destructive one is becoming the winner.

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I totally resonate with you. When I first got my fulltime job after college, I was kind of in shock... Like... This is it? This is life? You just work 9-5 forever and only get 2 days a week to relax? It's INSANITY. Everyone acts like this is normal, but this is so poopy!!! I really struggled for a long time, and everyone kept telling me to suck it up. I changed jobs 3 times over the course of 7 years and I finally found one that actually makes me a little happy. It aligns a bit with what I enjoy doing, which is teaching and being creative.

I come from a family of artists and I have a little sister who went a different route. She's a freelance artist and she's really amazing. But she has to hustle really hard, money is always tight for her, and she doesn't have insurance. But I have a cousin who has been hustling really hard since we were teenagers. He's incredibly successful now and just bought a house. I think finding comfort and satisfaction in life takes a long time and a lot of hard work for people like us who weren't born rich.

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@cyberbird11 i hate so much people who just tell you to accept like its the only thing we can do, maybe it is but geez its not nice, my mom says its normal to feel like this in the begining but i dont want to feel like this at any time you know, if i worked 9-5 with weekends i would be a bit happier i think, my schedule is kinda bad. What do you teach? Im an english instructor. I didnt go to college so my options are all bad, even if i went i think they wouldnt be that better either. What your cousin does? I really feel like its all about luck and every work is not that good, working is meh, you know, good to know you found something you like a bit more

Life sucks for most of us out here.

@Cass1991cass and thats awful, its been like this for ages now and nothing has changed, people just accept bc there is nothing else to do…