I've been reading a lot about attachment styles lately. Very

I've been reading a lot about attachment styles lately. Very interesting and kind of good insight.

I saw a psychologist talking about dismissive avoidant attachment style and I swear they could have been talking about my wife.

Wondering what the general consensus on this topic is?

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jamiemaddrox You want to have a secure attachment style and have a partner the same. I think for this you have to be absolutely trusting of the other person. My opinion is that most people are not that perfect and probably have a mix. You can change your attachment style; probably takes a lot of effort and work on yourself.

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I gotta tell you that was a new one for me. Had to look it up honestly. Very interesting.

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Yes. Pretty interesting stuff and makes a lot of sense. There are questionaires you can take that tell you what your attachment style is. I believe the idea is that a lot of the root causes of why you behave the way you do in relationships has a lot to do with your childhood and relation ship with your primary caregivers.

there's a clinical social worker on youtube who is an absolute angel. Patrick Teahan LSW and he describes the attachment styles in a way I could axtually understand. He described that you can have a secure attachment with some people and have anxious or dismissive attachments with others. Whicj has been true about me at least. For example if you have a partner who had a relatively stable chilhood, they may still feel our clingy behaviour and either be able to support us through it or perhaps it would still make some people feel an instinct to back up a little. I think it's about becoming sensitive to our own style and seeing the role we play. Maybe your partner dismisses you, and you lean forward even more. Id say in that scenario mirror them a little until they come towards you? Not sure.

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That’s exactly how I see this affecting my marriage. My wife doesn’t like to talk about things like this if she feels like things are being blamed on her. This is a way I can present this to her without making her feel attacked… (I Hope)… I’ll check out those videos.

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