Last night I (once again) researched SLEEP methods for those

Last night I (once again) researched SLEEP methods for those of us who 'don't' have Apnea.
Did not learn anything new except you can't pull an 'All- Nighter' and think you can reset your 'wake -time' the next day. All you will be is more sleepy!
I haven't stayed up all night in decades but I have done it in the past.
The advice is: try to get up 15 -30mins earlier than the morning before. Well, I don't know how but somehow the Sleep gods were smiling and I woke up 2 hours earlier which was along my game plan? And I wasn't even falling over! Hopefully, this will help me RESET MY DAY and bring me one step closer to feeling a part of Society?
Having been a severe Night Owl my entire life but realizing it's just NOT working for me anymore...I have been desperate to at least 'try' to change something!
It's a very small step but just maybe...?

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You can do it! Keep working at it. I've been a night owl most of my life too. I've been getting up earlier since I've been going to bed earlier and sleeping more. I have sleep apnea too just found out this year, (central and abustructive).
Try to come up with things that motivate you, something new might help so you better get busy and start a list. ;)

@Fohb460 thanks for words of encouragement. Sorry about your apnea.
What do you think about the need to be physically spent at the end of your day, being the key to ‘falling asleep’ properly or is it a mix of mental fade-out as well?
I’ve used that when it occured in my past but recently, after covid my activity level changed so much I am going to need giant actions to “reset” my body. That’s overwhelming.
I feel like I need a ‘fixing station’ I could just pull into where you are fussed over and they work on you till you’re back to your original capabilities. Before you say SPA day -
I know, I know…even scheduling /absorbing costs…seems too much to do…gahh.
Lol, I’m already a ‘list’ person. They only work, if you actually attempt to do them rt?