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I have come to realize that i am going through a little bit of depression. It hit my this spring as we had some bad weather and i got wore out from some jobs, I was just drained. I realize that i have to keep working hard to identify my issues and work them out as soon as possible. It just lately seems that i cant keep things inside, i need to share them but find others not listening or just not available. I feel a bit like a needy person.

through everything i have to work hard to not let things turn my life upside down and i return to using my addiction.

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Im sorry we will support you. Hugs

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Sometimes it is okay to be needy, sometimes we just need to power down and rest and recharge and ask for help. We are here for you hun.

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thanks. i needed to recharge and i need to relax more

thank you, i so appreciate that.

I think it is important to plan to rest and sort of schedule it.

How are you doing @Griz75, were you able to get some rest? -SG

Everyone goes through depression at some point in their life. Sometimes it’s just a phase or a situation… It’s important to relax and analyze what’s going on in our heads… Get into a routine and stick to it, no matter what…

For porn addiction, to an extent, it does come down to the underlying issue. Do you feel lonely all the time, even if you are married? Do you feel the addiction makes up for the loneliness? In my experience, it does not. Do you feel like less of a “man” because you are not sexual “enough”? If you use sexual feeling like an anti-depressant, know that it can become unpleasant, invasive, undignified, or even become sentient in its own way. These illusions prolong addiction.
I do understand how some personal issues become messy quickly if you do not resolve them; for me, this scenario could happen with minutes or hours or so.
My therapist often asks, “What are the facts?” From this, do you objectively think you are needy? Or do you think maybe there is not enough communication? If it gets so bad, put your foot down. Don’t let it go until it’s resolved.
What makes your life enjoyable? Can you find a way to release your frustration or just make things easier?