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deleting my posts.

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I actually wish more women would feel comfortable just being themselves without makeup, hair styles or dressing up. I am more comfortable talking to women that are more casual. I am glad that you had a good experience like that.

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oh well now you tell us. :joy:

It is sad that we were told that we have to look a certain way or people to like us when we should have been taught to love ourselves. I too have curly hair and straightened it for years!

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Curly hair challenges :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay Im glad Im not the only one. Im trying to like my curly hair now. Sometimes it looks beautiful in parts, but it’s hard to not look messy when it frizzes. Ive had this self esteem issue since I was like 6 , Im not sure but someone at some point probably put it in my mind that curls are not good. I know my mom made it solid when she would tell me to “comb my hair” despite me spending hours trying to make myself look ok. So glad to no longer hear her “encouraging feedback”.

But what helps me now, is braiding it in sections and straightening the ends, it sort of keeps everthing “together” since I refuse to use/spend money on gel. All the products seem pretty expensive, coconut oil was helpful but if you use too much it looks greasy suddenly. Cant win. I like winter, hats.

Gosh, I am so glad it is not just me, it is rough for sure. Hats are awesome. Somedays, I am like Damn, that looks good and others I am like what the #$%^ is wrong with my hair?! I try to remind myself that life isn’t social media shorts.

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eww, social media, ew. I am soooooo selective about what I follow on social media. :stuck_out_tongue: Ive started following a lot of older women who post about aging, and accepting their appearance without makeup, and speaking words of wisdom makes me remember how made up society is.

I saw pictures of myself as a kid yesterday, and it turns out my curly hair was ALWAYS insanely messy at times. No wonder I felt self conscious. But the liyyle girl in the picture went ahead and laughed and enjoyed life anyway

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So true, we just need to be okay with ourselves, like who cares as long as we are happy and enjoying life.

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right?! Like people are so performative these days lol it’s almost funny. I feel like Id get bored of staring at my own face eventually and need to do something useful at some point. Whats something youve always wanted to try, but life gets in the way?

Hmm, great question. Maybe write a book, not sure it is a burning want to, but maybe down the road.

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