Life's Ups and Downs

Hey there! Have you ever felt like life just isn’t sticking to the script you wrote in your head? You’re definitely not alone. This morning, way before coffee, our dog got skunked. Imagine the smell of garbage and burning tires and you have exactly the smell sprayed all over our sweet dog. Two baths later and more peroxide, vinegar and baking soda than used in a science experiment, the dog and our house smell slightly better. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, leading us down unexpected and hair pulling paths, and sometimes, frankly, turning our plans upside down. I had planned on coffee and a few minutes to catch up at work, but the universe and a very scared skunk had other plans. But here’s the thing: it’s all part of the adventure we call life (I would rate this a 0/10 on the adventure scale thank you very much).

Embracing Uncertainty

Let’s face it, trying to control everything is exhausting. Life’s unpredictable nature teaches us that it’s okay not to have all the answers. This can actually be a relief when we learn to embrace it. It means taking things one day at a time, being kind to ourselves when things don’t go as planned, and learning to flow with life’s rhythms. I didn’t so much as flow as rage in the shower with my very scared dog, skunks are very much the enemy in my book (did you know they can spray 5-6 times before they run out of stink?).

Finding Strength in Challenges

When life doesn’t go our way, it can really test our spirits. But it’s also in these moments that we discover our resilience. Each challenge is an opportunity to grow stronger and more adaptable. It’s like mental and emotional training – the more we face, the more we learn how to cope, which is super important for our mental health. I most likely failed this time around, I was stressed and not a lovely human to be around while this was happening.

Leaning on Others

When the going gets tough, it’s our connections with others that can really pull us through. Whether it’s friends, family, or a supportive community, sharing our struggles and successes makes the journey less daunting. It reminds us that we’re not alone in our experiences and that support is always there when we need it. In my case, the family that stinks together will have a great story to tell for a long, long time!

Celebrating the Journey

Life is a journey with all sorts of twists and turns, and that’s what makes it interesting. Celebrating each step, learning from our experiences, and not being too hard on ourselves when things don’t go as planned can make all the difference in our mental well-being. After all, it’s through these experiences that we grow and learn the most about ourselves.

So, let’s take a deep breath (not too deep with the skunky smell) and dive into the unpredictable adventure of life, armed with resilience, support, and a sense of humor.

Cheers amazing members,


Day 2, still a little skunky, but much better, also fyi, self care is finally taking a shower at the end of the night and getting the smell out of your nostrils and hair :smiley: