Like smoking a bit. My girlfriend called me a pot addict ton

Like smoking a bit. My girlfriend called me a pot addict tonight. I do take 2or 3 puffs every few hrs and hate the idea of stopping but also hate pressure. When I stopped for a few yrs I never really missed it so think it's mostly a head trip but annoyed to feel pressured...

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Why does she feel this is too much I would think is more the issue, is it the smoking, or how you act after you smoke????

@CKBlossom Hi CK, True… usually I smoke one tiny puff and it seems to relax me a bit. Occasionally when I do more and act silly… laugh more etc is when she gets annoyed. I stopped for a few days and she didn’t even notice and I went back to one tiny hit again and she didn’t notice. I come from a lifetime artist … hippy ish background, and she’s from a conservative background, so this brings up various issues. Mostly the relationship is good and nurturing luckily. Anyway, I want to be respectful so will keep it minimal and hopefully wean off soon. I had stopped for a few yrs and didn’t even seem to feel it…this time tho I felt more stress. Not sure why…

Its hard to realize how your behavior seems to other people. I am sure that to you taking a couple rips throughout the day feels normal, but for somebody who does not smoke as much that seems very excessive. I have been on both sides of this situation and it is frustrating to navigate especially when you don't understand eachothers lifestyles. If you could go the whole day without smoking/ feeling irritated, wired, or other withdrawal symptoms when you don't smoke then you're probably not addicted.

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@lilred314 Yes, exactly that. Are you stopped now… and how did that go for you if so?