Living with severe and debilitating chronic pain everyday, b

Living with severe and debilitating chronic pain everyday, but trying to stay grateful for the good things in life... that's been my strategy. However, I found out last weekend that it also bottles up my feelings about how challenging life is in so much pain... how hard simple things are, all the things that need to done that I can't do... it all caught up to me and I had a mental breakdown, just hysterically crying for hours. Not in pity, just because it is so hard everyday and it hurts so much everyday. Does anyone relate? Advice?

Sorry Funk I don't have any good advice. I definitely can relate. I have pretty much given up on ever having a pain free day again. My back, hip and knees seem to just get worse. I cant really remember what its like to not be in physical pain. Its one of those things you take for granted. I don't know if there are surgery options or anything like that but I don't think I could afford them or even afford taking the time off to get them. I pray they figure out some of these chronic pain issues out and make it available to the general public. Stay strong funk.

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@SoloDad Thank you for your support. I was thinking about one of your posts when I wrote this… I’m pretty sure it was you… mentioning that if other people felt for a minute the pain you live with all the time, that they would wonder how on Earth you are still standing. People have no idea what it’s like. I’m sorry to hear you are getting worse… my neck has been getting worse too. I feel so helpless about it. And I’m also basically giving up on living with less pain. What choice to we have. I’ve tried so many healing modalities, nothing has worked, and many of the practitioners hurt me worse. I’m so grateful for my health, my home, but my gosh the pain is bad. I’ll do my best to stay strong. Thank you so much for commenting here. Stay strong is profound. Thank you.

@Fohb460 Thank you for this link. I had no idea. I’m actually taking one of these for migraines and it is helping a lot, thank goodness. Other than that, for my pain, I’m just on anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer medications, but it feels like they don’t help at all. I’ll ask my doctor if she thinks we should try one of the drugs listed. Thanks again for the information.