Looking for suggestions on how to deal with some bisexual cu

Looking for suggestions on how to deal with some bisexual curiosities I have been having. I am a relatively happily married 42 year old male and have 2 wonderful children. I have, likely for some time, been hiding some sexual feelings regarding men, and have never acted upon them as I love my wife very much and very attracted to her as well. But over the years have been finding myself fantasizing more and more about men and have gone so far as to make profiles online, posing as different people both men and women, to start sexual conversations with men as it would turn me on. My wife has seen these conversations and obviously has been hurt by it as I have been hiding this part of my life from her. But because of the shame likely because of upbringing, I have not addressed these feelings and feel it is hurting my relationship significantly and don’t know what my next step needs to be. Honestly looking for a support group or counseling to guide me on the right path. Thanks


These hotline numbers are extremely helpful and you can call them numerous times.

@Fohb460 thank you so much!