Looking for support

This is my first time here. I am in need of support to get my life back. I am not able to attend many meetings due to children, and am hoping this forum will get me through my triggers. Any support will be a godsend.

Hi It is not easy to attend meetings for everyone. I don't know if you have any way talking to a therapist or not but that would help you some. I have to stop running to the casino and making excuses for myself saying I don't have time to make an appt. When I don't have any children at home and my work schedule most of the time is flexible. So I don't have the roadblocks you have. I have read some articles and that has helped me. One of the sayings it tells you to say is that I am not going to gamble today. Wait 10 minutes do something else and if the urge is still there continue to say it and repeat it until you don't want to anymore. Also just get on here and write your feelings and what your going through. I find that helps me out.

Also on the back of the gaming card I got from the casino has a gambling hotline and I have called that and they said that if you want to talk to someone they are there 24/7. Hope this helps some.


Hi! I totally agree with tattletale. This support group is a blessing to me. I go on this site morning and evening and sometimes during the day as a reminder. I am presently reading a book, I got used on ebay, called "She bets her life: by Mary Sojourner. I gives you her true story about gambling addiction. You may want to check it out. God Bless you in your journey and we are here to support you!! Stay strong!

I think that this site is a great way to stay away from casinos and gambling. Coming to this site each day helps to remind me of what my goal is. Each day, I have to make a commitment to stay out of the casino; each day I have to remind myself of what I feel like after I go to a casino a throw away my money; each day I have to remind myself of how much more at peace I feel when I am not gambling...I am the person that I really want to be. Reading about others struggles, writing about my own struggles, and knowing that others are trying to fight the urges helps me to set a course for my own health.
After writing back and forth on these public pages, I have also reached out to a couple of people through private messages. I now have a personal connection with another person. We are able to share our feelings and ideas and support each other. This also helps me a great deal, and I offer to be a support to you if that would help.
I am on day 18 and feeling better. Let this group help.

Its great to count the days, the days turn into weeks, then months then years, all focused on one day at a time. Everything I have learned has been from other people who share their experience strength and hope. A nice saying i heard in my early days dealing with my gambling addiction.... "Yesterdays history, tomorrows a mystery, they call today the present because its a gift." I thank the people in GA Scotland who continually support me on my life long journey to recovery. I never want to go back to the days where i was suicidal, aggressive and just not a nice person to be around. my purpose in life is to be there for other compulsive gamblers who still suffer. This too shall pass, Keep positive, never give up.

Thank you all for the comments. I wonder when the withdrawls will go away? The anger, mood swings? I agree, every day is a day that I don't gamble, and that is the reward. I am trying to check twice a day and read other posts for inspiration. One day at a time....:)

You are very welcome ggnomore! Hopefully the anger and the mood swings will dissipate as time passes. I do the same thing as you as far as checking in on this site twice a day. Continue to do that and it should help keep you away from gambling. Today is day 17 for me. I still have the urges to go at times but I read or do crafts to keep busy. I hope you have other support from family and friends also. We will be here for you no matter what! Stay strong and God Bless!! :)

Just past 10 years. The best thing I could have done is ask someone to take me through the twelve step recovery program. Try to be more caring, loving, giving , have some compassion and put myself at the back of the queue

Gambling ruined me and the only hope I had is to join GA. I have been in the program for awhile and I have to admit though my urges dont drive my life, I still have them. It is part of me and like any disease that is not curable you have to medicate it to ease the pain. GA does that for me. I got in serious trouble and spent prison time due to it. Lost everything I including a few friends. Trying to get my life together after all that and the obstacles keep piling up. Couldnt do it with GA though. Id of given up long time ago so stick with any help, program or any way that you can keep yourself away from gambling.

Love and support to you.