Looking to loose alcohol

Hello, I am looking to remove alcohol from my life. I go days without havoing anything and something sets me off where I have to have beer or wine, and some of the time I do not remember what I ate or even what I did. I really want to break this cycle and make this a thing of the past. I have a wonderful spouse who loves me and I do not want to fail. I grew up with an aunt and uncle and my uncle would be mentally abusive and go on for hours. My spouse will do similiar, not to the degree that he did though. What I tend to do is react by woofing down beer, wine, hard liquor to deal with that. I realize that is not the answer and want to break that cycle. I am to ashamed to say anything to my family or my spouses family, but I do need talk this out. I just need to clear this and become the better person that I know I can be.

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Are there local free alcohol and substance abuse classes or programs,? Look them up for local programs on your phone.

Its the old fashioned way is to do ONE DAY AT AT A TIME Checking in each week to a counselor or or even therapy. If you have a check in buddy that might help.

Glad your here. Use the boards here to help you. Glad your here on a support group that is a good first step. Hugs.

One more thought pick a healthy goal to start exercising more, drinking more water and eating more healthy. Sleep schedule is a must.

Thanks Katgurl. I am going for a counseling session next week. And I will be checking in on a regular basis.

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So proud of you for making the first step for realizing that you now will be present in your life to break the cycle.

Its going to be hard to change your habits, but it will happen after each week. You will feel better and want to keep going because of it. Hugs.