Lost mother and i need help ! Had a miscarriage back in De

Lost mother and i need help !!! Had a miscarriage back in December and i didnt even know it! The way i found out about it was traumatic for me i had to be rushed to the e.r. i pass out in the bathroom e.r doc came into my room and in the very same breath she said i was pregnant and that i was going through a miscarriage she smiled nudged her head and went about her business i was alone in the room (since covid happened ) and now im 16 weeks pregnant i have so much guilt shame anger i havnt been able to go through my miscarriage emotions and i feel so much pressure from my fiance my family and his to get on board with this pregnancy im ao grateful and blesses god sent me one of his angels but and i do want this baby just as much as everyone if not more im still grieving and i have guilt and shame and feel like i failed the baby i lost and my fiance does nothing but rush me and tell me to get over it cause we have one that will take its place mind you he lost a child a few years back he says that im heartless for not being excited am i really heartless ! I honestly just feel empty and emotionally disconnected from everything and everyone am i wrong for feeling the way i have been!?

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You're not wrong for feeling that way. It sounds like you need everyone to stop pressuring you and you need to be vocal about that. Try finding some sort of counselor to help process your grief. Take it one day at a time. Focus on yourself, not what others want.

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hey girls well its been 4 months since i first posted this and boy oh boy it has been a huge emotional physical and mental roller coaster !! I gave birth to a health baby boy at just 26 weeks due to placenta accreta on July 17 2021 to begin with was rushed to hospital due to massive bleeding woke to the news that i had a hysterectomy , bladder reconstruction and about 21 units of blood along with stents , coded once after that as to my lil miracle lord oh lord is all i gotta say he is 5lbs 2 ounces now and getting close to coming home very soon ! these couple of months have been a super heavy load that i have trying to cope with 1st with my December baby loss and now the closeness i was to leaving my 3 babies and all the physical shock my body is till trying to recoup from its been so so much that i dont have words to describe how i feel anymore so i just cry when i need to and eben then those catch me off guard turns out i have postpartum, severe anxiety and PTSD ! but that not all girls went back to my PCP and he ordered some blood work to make sure all is good well now my blood work came positive for a gene that carries lupus and a cyst on my throat im sure its nothing i pray that its nothing ! and although i have alot more of the bad days i fight through it and out a smile on bc GOD gave me and my baby a chance to live and for me to be with other 2 kiddos and i will continue to fight the fight and work my way back to a new normal for me
much love to yall girls I appreciate all the kind words yall shared with me on my first post !!!

@Bvluna88: Congratulations on your new baby, girl! It’s my prayer that God will surround you with His healing presence and provide the comfort, strength, and peace you need in the days ahead. Please don’t hesitate to write back whenever you’d like to share. Blessings to you & your family!

May you heal quickly. And Congratulations on new baby!!

@Inmylittleroom thank you so much ! i appreciate it so much