Monday evening, the fingers & knuckles of my right hand were

Monday evening, the fingers & knuckles of my right hand were sore. Tuesday, my shoulders, right hip, and toes. Yesterday I tried 5 minutes of light Quigong to try and loosen up. Within minutes my right shoulder was 10/10 and I couldn't lift my arm.
Tanked up on Vicodin, miloxicam, and muscle relaxers, and spent all night trying to lie as still as possible. Got up feeling absolutely horrible. No solicitous inquiries as to my well-being or if I slept well; just my mentally ill mate's lunatic ramblings about being targeted by neighbors with microwave weapons.
Definitely one of those 'drawing water from a dry well' days.

Sorry to hear of your pain. Do you happen to check your meds for side effects like muscle/joint pain? They could be making your symptoms worse. Have you ever tried acupressure treatments by a professional? I wish you better living in your immediate future.

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Thanks. No; on reflection, nothing in my diet or medication schedule had changed; no ‘triggers’ I could identify (other than the stress of living with a fulminating psychotic mate). I live in a rural area with very limited access to holistic or alternative care. Medicare probably wouldn’t cover it anyway.