Moving on...but not really

Hello guys! I notice that when a situation occurs and I choose to forgive, I always have my moments that I am reminded of the feelings I felt in that situation. For instance, I have a friend who kept something from me that I ultimately should have known. Also, the way that I found out left me feeling betrayed. This happened in August of 2023, and while I would like to think that I am over it, I can’t help but to sometimes feel those same feelings of betrayal. It appears to be one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things, but when I am around hi, sometimes I have this feelings of not be able to trust him. I do care and have love for him, so I am not totally wanting to stop being his friend. Is there anyway that you all think I could get over it? Or, is it the case of where it appears that since I cannot get over it, that the friendship should end? I will add, that I have a hard time getting over something when it’s in my face.

Hi and welcome. I think some of us hold on to the hurt and others easily let things go, neither is right per se, but it is just how we process things. Don’t throw away a friendship just because they messed up, just try and help them realize to please not do that again. Hugs.

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Thank you so much!!

My eldest asked me something similar the other day, so I had a ready answer :slight_smile: