My actions has caused my relationship to be in a bad phase

I have being having problem with my boyfriend lately because I was having menstrual cramps and I switched my phone off for 2 days and he was really worried that he did not get to reach me
He claims I did it deliberate and that he was really hurt about it, he is really making things hard for me, he doesn’t want to talk to me that much because and also we are not staying together so it’s just phone conversation that is our main means of conversation so even when he picks he could just end the discussion and say he will call back which he wouldn’t
I have tried to understand him but he still doesn’t want to talk to me

I can understand he was upset, but you weren’t feeling well. Couldn’t he have come by if he was that worried?

From your perspective you were hurting and in pain and didn’t want to talk, from his perspective, you cut him off. Try talking to him, tell him your perspective and acknowledge in retrospect you probably should have let him know that you weren’t feeling well and turning off your phone, but he also needs to realize he can’t be mad a you for doing something you did while in pain and just not feeling well. -SG