My anxiety and depression are getting the best of me. She wa

My anxiety and depression are getting the best of me. She was due yesterday and nothing yet. I'm terrified and sick to my stomach as to what will happen afterwards. I'm trying to hold my marriage together for now but I don't know how long that will last. We got into an argument a week back and he said I could talk to her and I will. I plan on recording the conversation as well. I'm calculating my conversation. I will only get one opportunity at this without him interjecting. I want it to either prove that she didn't care in the first place. Not about me, my marriage, or my kids. Possibly even that she's been with other people. If I don't prove that then I'll prove how deep into his lying he has been. Either way I'll have answers. I can't keep living in this mystery. I'm losing my mind.

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Be very careful. You don't want to hurt yourself more. She clearly never cared about you or your family. You don't need to hear her say that. And if she was with other people- will your husband care? Be careful

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@skhc I think he would care because he’s in complete denial that she could have been with anyone else because he feels she has no reason to lie to him. I’m trying not to get hurt more. It’s hard. We just had another fight. He wants to bring my kids to the hospital. I keep telling him why put them thru this without being 100% sure. He told me that we need to tell them. I told him no. You do. I didn’t do this. You need to explain yourself. His reasoning is because telling them with me there shows we’re not divided. It will be easier on them. But we are divided. And I said and what if they ask you why. He says they won’t. That’s the thought process of an adult. He forgets that our kids are wise beyond their years. Our daughter is 9 and very intuitive and in touch with her emotions. He’s an idiot for thinking she won’t ask anything and wonder why he had a child with not only someone other than mommy but with someone they know that they also know I don’t like. I’m hurting more for my children at this point. They don’t deserve this. This is not an example a child should have.

Never a good idea to have contact with the other woman. Sorry but it will make her feel powerful. It will also make her seem more powerful
In the eyes of your husband. She cannot help you. She is not your friend. She will lie and manipulate. She will use it against you. Better to avoid this happening. Hope things work out telling your children. Sending you hope, strength, healing ((hugs)). God's peace.

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@Teeny bikini I figured she would lie. That’s why I wanted to record the conversation. To show the inconsistencies. She already has power. He defends her over me and when I call him on it he denies it. He says it’s always a he said she said with me and her and he’s ends up in the middle of the back and forth. With it being recorded it will eliminate that and will either prove my point about her or prove that I need to be as far away from him as possible.

I will agree with everyone else. Never a good idea to meet the other. No good can come out of it and the potential for you to hurt more is big. Please be very careful

@blue2u61 That’s just the thing. I’m not meeting her for the first time. I’ve met her multiple times. It’s someone we both knew prior to this. This woman has been in my home. I’ve gotten in her face before when I’ve come home early from work and ran into her coming out of my home. We are not mysteries to each other.

I think my STBX got a perverse pleasure out of seeing me suffer and wonder what she was doing with her prince charming. Now every time I hear from her she asks how I am and my response is I'm doing absolutely great and you? The change in her demeanor is amazing. Now I get a perverse pleasure in putting her there.

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